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What should I know about Sitagliptin

Sitagliptin, marketed as the phosphate salt under the brand name Januvia is an oral antihyperglycemic (antidiabeic medicine) of the dipeptidyl peptidase-4 (DPP-4) inhibitor type. Sitagliptin is a diabetes medication that acts by increasing levels of native compounds called incretins. Incretins help to regulate blood glucose by boosting insulin release, especially after taking food. They also lower the amount of sugar your liver makes. You may take Sitagliptin with or with no a meal. Follow your medical professional's guidelines. Your blood glucose will need to be checked on a regular basis, as well as you may require other blood tests at your doctor's workplace. Januvia may trigger lactic acidosis (an accumulation of lactic acid in the body, which could be deadly). Lactic acidosis could start gradually and get worse with time. Obtain urgent clinical assistance if you experience also mild signs and symptoms of lactic acidosis, like: muscular tissue discomfort or fragility, numb or cool feeling in your limbs, difficulty breathing, tummy discomfort, queasiness with vomiting, slow or irregular heart rate, wooziness, or sensation extremely weak or exhausted. Ask for urgent medical assistance if you have any of these signs of an allergy: hives; trouble breathing.

Buying Januvia

Buying Januvia at our website is fast and also very convenient. However you should take your health very carefully. Even if you think that details discussed above is enough to begin accepting this drug for healing, you need to talk to your medical specialist initially.

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Generic Sitagliptin is for people with type 2 diabetes. Generic Sitagliptin is sometimes used in combination with other diabetes medications, but is not for treating type 1 diabetes.

How to take

Take this medication exactly as it was prescribed for you. Do not take the medication in larger or smaller amounts, or take it for longer than recommended by your doctor. Your doctor may occasionally change your dose to make sure you get the best results from this medication.

You may take this medicine with or without food. Follow your doctor's instructions.

Do not crush, chew, or break a Generic Sitagliptin tablet. Swallow it whole.
Your blood sugar will need to be checked often, and you may need other blood tests at your doctor's office. Visit your doctor regularly.

Side effects

Get emergency medical help if you have any of these signs of an allergic reaction: hives; difficulty breathing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat.

Stop taking Generic Sitagliptin and call your doctor at once if you have a serious side effect such as:

  • pancreatitis - severe pain in your upper stomach spreading to your back, nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, fast heart rate; or
  • urinating less than usual or not at all;
  • swelling, weight gain, feeling short of breath; or
  • severe skin reaction -- fever, sore throat, swelling in your face or tongue, burning in your eyes, skin pain, followed by a red or purple skin rash that spreads (especially in the face or upper body) and causes blistering and peeling.

Less serious side effects may include:

  • runny or stuffy nose, sore throat;
  • headache, back pain, joint or muscle pain; or
  • nausea, stomach pain, diarrhea, constipation.

This is not a complete list of side effects and others may occur.


Follow your doctor's instructions about any restrictions on food, beverages, or activity.

Drug interactions

Before you take Generic Sitagliptin, tell your doctor if you are also taking digoxin (Lanoxicaps, Lanoxin).

Although Generic Sitagliptin is not as likely to cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) as some other oral diabetes medications, tell your doctor if you are taking any other drugs that can potentially lower blood sugar, such as:

  • probenecid (Benemid);
  • nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs);
  • aspirin or other salicylates (including Pepto-Bismol);
  • sulfa drugs (Bactrim and others);
  • a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI); or
  • beta-blockers (Tenormin and others).

This list is not complete and other drugs may interact with Generic Sitagliptin.

Missed dose

Take the missed dose as soon as you remember (be sure to take the medicine with food). Skip the missed dose if it is almost time for your next scheduled dose. Do not take extra medicine to make up the missed dose.


Store Generic Sitagliptin at room temperature away from moisture, heat, and light.